About Beyond The States

When we talk about DEMOCRACY; it includes various aspects which build a NATION. The Freedom we’re cherishing; and the Rights we’re utilising; are possible because of the BIGGEST DEMOCRACY we are. That’s the prime cause, we’re celebrating this FESTIVAL of DEMOCRACY.

The Festival would provide a platform to have substantial dialogue about vivid aspects of the Nation including Politics, Literature, Art, Health, Sports, Education, Cinema and others. We celebrate several festivals about Films, Literature, and other aspects, but do we celebrate DEMOCRACY? That’s why, with immense pride; we are going to organise BEYOND THE STATES – A FESTIVAL of DEMOCRACY on 17th – 18th March 2018. Our team has been planning to conduct such a Festival for long; and eventually we’re going to accomplish it.

During this Festival, we would conduct significant DIALOGUE with Politicians, Policy Makers, Socialists, Change Makers, Sports Men, Actors and others; who hugely contribute to Nation Building. We would impart a platform, where the journey of our Republic; and associated parts / points can be discussed. During A FESTIVAL of DEMOCRACY; such unexplored subjects would be talked about, which can strengthen our DEMOCRACY.

Whether it’s about development in North – East region; unresolved problems of farmers of the country; issues of marginalised people or any other subject; which have been left unnoticed, would be raised in the Festival. Changes and modification in the sectors of Education, Health, Medicine, Agriculture, Social Security and others are required. A FESTIVAL of DEMOCRACY would talk about such positive changes; and appropriate mode to bring them to reality.

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